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Technical Support
PIS is always offering training and seminars to any current topic concerning HILTI products and services. Seminars focus on introduction to HILTI products in general and how we can get benefited from the product in areas of construction, Mechanical, civil, oil and gas ….etc.
Customized Training

Customized onsite training on each and every HILTI product to any customer is guaranteed to ensure the correct and safe usage of the product and / or tool, product value proposition and product added values.

Anchor Design Software (PROFIS)

PIS is providing full support in terms of anchor selection and design to customers getting use of HILTI anchor design software (PROFIS).
Fire stop

Passive fire stop systems is one of HILTI Products Provided with respect to different penetrations and applications ranging from PVC pipes, PPR pipes, steel pipes, ducts, cables, cable trays, …etc.

PIS is providing full support in terms of selection and design for different fire stop applications as well as calculating quantities required and doing installation supervision.

Channel System / Software

One of the products that HILTI is providing is the C-channel system which is used in hanging and supporting ducts, cables, cable trays and pipes in steel and concrete structures. PIS is offering technical support for customers in the areas of selection the types of channel required for a specific application by designing, getting the best use of HILTI channel system software, which helps also in quantities calculations.