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Contract Services

Anchor System
PIS is participating as it is already having a lot of experience and awarded a lot of projects in the area of chemical and mechanical anchoring fixation in concrete according to HILTI standards and tests getting the best use of HILTI anchoring design software (PROFIS) to select the type of anchor with respect to tensile and shear loads applied to that structure.

PIS is providing consultation and expertise in anchoring design fixation getting the best use of the following:
    ■ PIS specialized technician.
    ■ PIS professional Engineers and technical adviser.
    ■ HILTI brand tools, accessories, epoxy and HILTI anchor.

Since established and up to date, we have developed our people and hence have created success for our customers by providing superior value-added products and services.

Channel System
C- channel system is one of HILTI products, which is used for hanging, pipes, cables, cable trays, ducts, …etc in concrete, steel and compaction structures.
PIS is offering full support in the design and the selection of the type of channel system required for a specific application and load.

PIS is offering and providing two types of contracts with regards to the channel system:
Supervision contract:
    ■ PIS will participate in the erection supervision of the HILTI C-channel.
    ■ PIS is providing specialized engineers for this purpose.

Erection contract:
    ■ PIS will participate in the C-channel erection for the whole project.

Rebar (Dowelling)
PIS is providing full support in terms of consultation and expertise in the area of rebar (Dowelling).PIS is offering contract to customers with respect to rebar (Dowelling) in the following areas:

    ■ Connecting new slab to existing slab.
    ■ Construction of new beam as a structural extension or horizontal starter beam.
    ■ Vertical connection as of new starter beam for column and pile caps.

Major structural repair as:
- Bridge parapet renovation.
- Structural upgrading.
- Concrete remedial works.

Structural connections:
- Staircases.
- Counter forts.
- Manholes.
- Corbels.

Retaining walls:
- Concrete overlay.
- Bridge dick renovation.
- Structural bonding across composite interfaces.
- Structural upgrading of slabs and beams.

Cantilever connections:
- Balcony.
- Landings.

Shear Connector
The X-HVB nailed shear connector allows for shear connection to be developed in composite beams in situations where the use of welded headed studs is impractical (fixing to pre-galvanized beams for example) or where access for stud welding equipment is a problem.

The shear connector, its basic load-bearing characteristics and the design provisions are described in our Direct Fastenings Technology Manual. The following description provides a brief overview of its function, information about the positioning of the connector on profile metal sheets and some
comments on the cost effectiveness of the system.

Reinforced concrete cutting
PIS is providing and offering services and contract in the area of the reinforced concrete cutting according to the following categories:
    ■ Concrete diamond coring:
Using HILTI coring machines which can do coring with diameter ranging from 40mm to 400mm to 1000mm depth of core.
    ■ Concrete diamond wall saw cutting:
Using HILTI wall saw machines which can do cutting in reinforced concrete up to 600mm depth.
    ■ Concrete diamond wire saw cutting