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Accomplished Projects
White Nile Sugar Company
Contractor: NANTONG.

PIS Participation
»Supply and installation of anchor rods ( more than 2000 pc.) size (10,12.16,20,24,27 mm) Grade 8.8 to fix machines and pumps using HILTI epoxy HIT-RE500 by both normal drilling and core drilling methods.

»Dowelling using HILTI epoxy HIT-RE500 for approximately 1500 rebar size ( 16, 20, 32 mm).

National Telecommunications Corporation Tower
Contractor: AINA GAB.
Consultant: Dar Consult.

PIS Participation
»Coring Jobs for tower sanitary services.
»Anchoring the external elevator using HILTI epoxy HIT-RE500 and HILTI anchor rods HAS-M16 by both drilling and coring methods.
»Anchoring the roof top truss by using HILTI epoxy HIT-RE500 along with HILTI anchor rod HAS-M20.

Marawe Dam
Main contractor: CCMD.
Consultant: Lahmeyer International.
Sub-contractors: Alstom / UB.
Date: January 2008 through April 2008.

PIS Participation
»Core cutting jobs for pipes penetrations through reinforced concrete.
»Core cutting jobs for anchor fixations.
»Using HILTI dowelling technology to construct the DAM parapet.
»Using HILTI anchorage technology for water doors fixations.
»Design, supply and supervise the erection of HILTI passive fire stop systems fire rated for 4 hours for PVC pipes, steel pipes, cable trays and expansion joints as well as stretched expansion joints.

Omdurman Water Station
Contractor: A & A Contractors
Consultant: BI-WATER

  PIS Participation
»Dowelling using HILTI epoxy HIT- RE500 for approximately 4000 rebar 12mm.
»Dowelling using HILTI epoxy HIT-RE500 for approximately 2600 rebar 16mm.

PIS Participation
»PIS participate in doing coring job needed for concrete compression testing.
»This was done 3 times within the last three years.
»Location 200km west of Khartoum, one in Omdurman city and the last one was at Mobitel tower at Al emarat street 19.
»Erection and fixations of telecommunication antennas using HILTI technology with regards to fixations.
»This was done several times within the last 3 years.
»Value varies according to the number of fixation points.
»Location was mainly within Khartoum city.
Last one at Zain new two tower buildings at Khartoum down town with a value of $16,000.

Al-Quran Alkareem Tower
  Customer situation
Required enlarge of columns sections Additional grouting of reinforcement bars to be approved by specifiers.

P.I.S. ( Hilti) Problem Solving
Hilti TE Combi-Hammers in combination with Hilti Chemical anchor HIT-RE500
(> 10,000pcs) High speed and precise drilling.

Customer benefit
»Increase productivity and safety.
»In-depth theoretical analysis of application requirements.
»On-site testing to determine optimal fastening solution.