Powder-actuated marking tool DX 462 HM
■ Marking hot materials at a temperature of up to 800°C, marking castings in a wide variety of shapes and types, marking all parts presently marked using a hammer and punches, marking items outside their normal production locations
■ Marking on steel surfaces
■ Fully automatic piston return and cartridge advance achieves a higher marking rate without need to manually cycle the tool
■ Total mobility and complete independence from electrical power supplies
■ Increased reliability with simple cleaning and servicing, very easy to use
■ Marks may consist of up to 10 characters in any combination of letters and numbers in different type sizes
■ A simple but secure locking mechanism ensures that the letters or numbers can be changed quickly and easily
■ X-PT pole tool accessory allows the operator to mark red hot material at a distance
Technical data
Weight: 4.62 kg
Max. fastener driving rate: 700 / h