Wedge anchor DBZ
Base materials
■ Concrete (cracked)
■ Concrete (uncracked)

■ Suspensions from concrete ceilings with slit-steel straps, punched band, nonius system hangers or wood battens
■ For redundant applications in cracked concrete or single-point applications in uncracked concrete
■ Simple and fast through-fastening
■ Impact expansion by hammering in, no setting tool is needed
■ Reliable setting thanks to the simple visual check
ETA, Fire resistance: ETA 06/0179 for DBZ wedge anchors multiple applications (ETAG 001-06, Option -)
Approvals and test reports may apply to selected products only. Please refer to the documents for details.

Technical data
Head configuration: Flat head
Environmental conditions: Indoor, dry conditions
Type of fastening: Through-fastening
Material composition: Steel, zinc-plated (min. 5 μm)
Installation direction: All
Suitable for cracked concrete with redundant fastenings: Yes

Ordering designation Anchor size Anchor length Base plate clearance hole Standard embedment depth Item number
DBZ 6/4.5 6 mm 40 mm 7 mm 32 mm 256312
DBZ 6/35 6 mm 71 mm 7 mm 32 mm 256311

Ordering designation Max. fixture thickness at standard embedment depth Thickness fastened - min. Drilling depth Sales pack quantity Item number
DBZ 6/4.5 5 mm 0 mm 40 mm 100 pc 256312
DBZ 6/35 35 mm 5 mm 55 mm 100 pc 256311